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Occupational Therapy

At Theradynamics, our certified and licensed Occupational Therapists are highly skilled in the latest treatment methods. We treat our patients with understanding and support, we understand their need to return to the daily essential activities that are significant to their everyday lives.

Our specialty is to utilize innovative techniques that are proven to relieve pain, restore upper body strength, sitting balance, functional endurance and mobility. Our goal is to return our patients to maximum independence. We place special emphasis on education, strategies, and tools to prevent re-injury. 

We offer a variety of rehabilitation programs designed to assist patients of all ages. Our concentrated approach focuses on theindividual’s lifestyle with a combination of advanced
hands-ontechniques combined with patient education for maximize

  • Therapeutic Activities and Exercises

  • Scar and Pain Management

  •  Joint Mobilization

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Orthosis design, Fabrication, Fitting, and Training

  • Joint protection and/or energy modification for home,
    work, school and leisure activities

  • Sensory re-education

  •  Work conditioning and recovery

  • Training in activities of daily living with assistive devices. 

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