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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are certified and licensed professionals who are trained in many different treatment methods. We care for the patients with compassion, respecting and supporting their desire to return to the activities in life that are important to all of us.


Our experts combine proven methods with the most innovative techniques available to relieve pain, restore strength, function and mobility, and return patient to maximum independence. We place special emphasis on education, arming patient with strategies and tools to prevent re-injury.


We offer a variety of rehabilitation programs designed to get patients of all ages moving as quickly and safely as possible. Our approach focuses on direct involvement with each patient, combining advanced hands-on techniques with patient education and individualized rehabilitative programs. Each of our therapists is trained in a range of traditional techniques as well as non-traditional treatment methods.

    • Soft Tissue Mobilization

    • Strain-Counterstrain

    • Joint Mobilization

    • Muscle Energy Techniques

    • High Velocity

    • Low Amplitude Thrusting

    • Maintaining Back Pain Relief Long-Term

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Phone: 718-514-6120