Therapeutic Exercise Program 

Exercise is a widely used non-invasive method of treatment used in our facilities. Theradynamics Therapists will help you improve strength, flexibility and range of motion in order to regain independence in function and mobility. 


Exercises can fall into several categories, most commonly passive, active, or resistive:


    • Passive exercises are manual procedures carried out by our therapists with no active effort from the patient. 

    • Active exercises are movements performed by the patient independently or with manual or mechanical help to increase joint mobility and prepare for more dynamic exercises. 

    • Resistive exercises usually require the use of manual resistance from the therapist or the use of other therapeutic adjuncts or equipments.   

    • There are specially designed exercise programs that are geared to specific joints, conditions or injuries such as Williams Exercises, McKenzie, Bobath, Frenkel’s Exercise, which our therapists  are trained and certified to provide.

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